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Are you looking for something more in your life? 
Is there something in your life you would like to change
or transform?
Do you have a specific goal you would like to achieve?
Art Therapy, Counselling and Coaching sessions are
designed to help you get what you want out of life your life.  Having
someone to guide and facilitate your own inner process can give you amazing
results in your life.
Maybe you have something that is blocking you from
moving forward, or maybe you feel that your life is missing something. 
Whatever it is Lisa can help you to make the neccessary changes. By exploring
and helping you to tap into your hidden inner resources you will be amazed at
what is possible.
Are you;
Feeling Stuck?
Creatively Frustrated?
Not sure what you want out of life?
Lacking of purpose and direction
Career problems
Addictive behaviours

Creative arts therapy, counselling or coaching are
a wonderful remedy which helps us to get right to the heart of the problem and
take the neccessary steps to heal.
You are worth the investment and you will be amazed at
how your life can be transformed.
Please call Lisa on 0437 395 161 with any questions you may have
or  to get an obligation free quote and to discuss a program that will
suit your personal needs.

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